What a difference and surprise. Kaya earned her masters degree in Berlin and brings a sophisticated and imagery-rich European music instruction methodology that is completely different from the American teachers I’ve experienced so far.

For one thing, she starts in a far more ‘first things first’ way having to do with eliminating strain, becoming still and balanced and integrating an earthy/whole body spatial awareness in the process of making sound – the core foundation for power, flexibility and emotional expression.

As a voice teacher, Kaya fills a huge void in our backyard I didn’t know existed. Every lesson is fine-tuned to my issues with accurate intuition and clearly explained solutions, far more worth the time and cost than I’ve felt before. The progress is so rewarding, I am very grateful for the opportunity to work with Kaya.

– Alexia, Forestville, CA, May 5th 2014


Kaya is a legacy. Drawing upon research in singing, movement, music and communication she thoroughly is able to blend her knowledge to meet the variety of her student or class. She offers bright insights and explorations to questions and is able to articulate her understandings.

I remember teaching with her and being amazed at her groundedness and precision to questions from the students. The ability to hear people’s process and share her own experience and insight that empower the individual to continue investigation is a true teacher and Kaya holds this present in the space.

– Ellie, Sebastopol CA, May 2014


Kaya is an inspiring, supporting and wise companion to me on my way to my own voice. I am grateful that I have the chance to work with and learn from/with Kaya because as a teacher she draws on many years of experience as musician, on a wide range of creative, sensitive and playful exercises and on her capacity to clearly identify the different challenges singers meet. Whenever questions arise, whenever I feel that my progress is blocked or whenever I don`t find the key to my own expression as musician she helps me to make everything audible, the lightness as much as the depth, the joy as much as the sadness and the humor as much as the seriousness in my voice.

– Daniella Grimm
Singer of “Earnest and Without You”, Berlin, November 2013


Kaya was amazing in finding an individual approach to cater to my needs, my ambitions and my abilities. I can now play the accordion exactly how I wanted to be able to play and became confident with my voice again. Kaya’s lessons are more than just music lessons. The way you breathe, the way you stand or move all become part of the lesson. A holistic approach that is very uplifting. Every time I sing or play the accordion now I remember this lift.

– Veronika Grosse, Berlin, November 2013


Kaya is a very attentive singing teacher for whom singing belongs to bodywork. It s as much about feeling good by singing as feeling grounded through the breath to find your best voice.  I miss her lessons!

– Pascale, Berlin, 2013


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