Kaya fell in love with singing and the piano quite early at the age of 5. From there her curiosity led her to a lot of different musical styles and instruments. The guitar brought a fascination for folk and country music. The accordion inspired her interest in french chanson. With the drums came curiosity for samba and other latin rhythms.

At the University of Arts Berlin Kaya studied Music Theater, Classical Singing and Music Pedagogy which she finished in 2009 with a MA.

Since 2004 Kaya is teaching private Music Lessons as well as Workshops and loves to inspire other people and be part of their musical journey.


For more then ten years Kaya was part of the Women’s Choir “Pfälzische Kurrende” which won twice the title of the best female choir Germany’s. Since 2009 she is leading choirs and singing ensembles in Berlin and California.

She has been part of various music projects and bands and is currently working on a new duo project.